Just like your skin, your nails need moisturization, so don't hesitate to apply the Crème Abricot generously before bed. For lighter moisturization, also think to apply the Huile Abricot to nourish your cuticles.


Never use a metal file. It will damage the nail.
Choose a nail file that is not too hard, for it mustn't be too abrasive. Use the file for shaping your nails, never for shortening them - leave that job to your nail clippers. Sweep the file over the tip of the nail, moving from the sides to the center to avoid damaging the nail.
For a flawless look, be sure to file all your nails to the same length. They should all be filed to the length of the shortest nail.
For more longer-looking fingers, file your nails into an oval or rounded shape.


Do not cut your cuticles. The more you cut them, the thicker the skin will grow back. It is best to moisturize them regularly with the Huile Abricot and gently push them back with a clean cuticle stick. You can gently remove any painful hangnails with cuticle clippers.


Before applying your Base Coat Abricot, don't forget to clean your nails with polish remover or by simply washing your hands with soap and water.
Do not buff nails to remove grooves, this will only weaken them. Apply a coat of Base Coat Abricot instead.
Do not apply nail lacquer without the Base Coat Abricot: your manicure may take longer, but your nails with thank you. The colour will be deeper and your varnish will last longer.
Give your nail lacquer some extra shine with the Top Coat Abricot, even on the days following application, for instant shine that does not require more varnish.


Apply nail varnish in two coats. The first coat should be very thin, even if it is not even. The second coat will create deeper, richer colour. Leave a little space at the base of your nails to prevent coating the cuticles.


Do not run your nails under water to speed up the drying process, this will dull the lacquer's shine. You can, however, use the Top Coat Abricot to help speed dry your nails. The Top Coat not only helps to set the nail varnish, but adds shine.


To keep your varnish at its best, store it in the refrigerator.
Never add remover to your varnish as a thinner, it will distort the colour.
After each application, clean the neck of the bottle to ensure a tight seal. This will help it last longer.

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