A true fashion accessory, nail lacquer provides endless possibilities. It adds the finishing touch to any look, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.
The best way to choose a shade is to try it. You'll immediately know which colours suit you best. That said, there are a few basic guidelines.


A successful nude will make hands look longer and more slender.
- For fair skin, a pink nude like Tra-La-La will bring out the natural pink of the nail.
- Darker or olive skin tones should opt for a warmer shade with slightly yellow undertones, like Muguet beige.
- The Dior Trianon neo-nude creates a flawless, modern look with a grey-beige colour that flatters any skin tone.
- For a quick nude manicure, a coat of Diorlisse will nourish your nails and boost staying power. Pink Petal will suit fair skin tones, while Snow Pink will flatter warmer skin tones.


Anyone can wear red nail lacquer, but you have to choose your shade wisely to suit your skin tone and the look you are going for.
- For fair skin, opt for red with blue undertones.
- Warmer skin tones can wear all shades of red, but reds with yellow undertones are particularly flattering.
- Rouge 999 is timeless, glamorous and universal. It is the same red as the first Rouge Dior created in 1949.
- Nuit 1947 has a dense and deep purple colour that immediately gives a sophisticated touch to any look.
- Massaï is the it-lacquer for the Fall-Winter season! An incredibly stylish wine colour for a touch of class.
- Pandore is the red of summer and fashion par excellence: pure, radiant and sunny.


These new greys, also called "non-colours", refer to taupe, grey, blue and smoky shades. Original yet discreet, they provide a flawless finish to any outfit, immediately giving that modern edge and the perfect final touch to a nude or black look.
For even greater sophistication, you can pair these shades with a dark and intense smoky eye. They are also a more fashionable alternative to the true "nude" lacquers.


These bright and trendy colours create the flashy look of a true fashion addict. Shades that make colour an easy, cheery fashion accessory to suit every outfit and whim.

Don't shy away from wearing these original colours with a chic and classic outfit to bring a fun, modern touch to your look. Best stick to lighter makeup when wearing eye-catching nail polish. You can, however, match your nail colour to your eyeshadow or eyeliner to create an unexpected combination.


Pink never goes out of style, and it is highly versatile too. No matter the shade, pink will always add a truly feminine touch to your look.
- Tra-la-la is the perfect soft pastel pink to create a delicate tone-on-tone look that has the added advantage of making hands seem more slender.
- Infused with coral, Wonderland is a youthful pink that gives an instant healthy glow… the antidote to dull-looking hands!
- As bold as a true lipstick, Bonheur fuchsia is there to catch the eye. A style accessory in itself, it sends a shock wave of colour down nails to add punch to an understated look.

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